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Iconoclasm | 1 sculpture, bent, frosted, glued crystal glass |

Iconoclasm’s form - of frosted and curved crystal glass - betrays the symbol of which it is the incomplete expression – the swastika. The force of this archetype is so deeply rooted in popular “visual sentiment” that, despite being deconstructed and reduced to an enigmatic linear structure, it nonetheless appeals to the observer’s conscience. The choice of semi-transparent crystal glass is based on the material’s ability to absorb light, imprisoning it and making it its essence. It therefore becomes the very metaphor for the attraction that Totalitarian ideologies exert on the masses, fascinating them and absorbing every individuality. Just as such forms of total self-manifestation need light, which attracts, capture and contains, likewise, Totalitarian regimes - in certain historic moments - have attracted and absorbed the masses - an essential element of their very existence.


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