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Offshoots | 9 sculptures, forged iron, cast, ground, frosted red-yellow glass |

The Offshoots sculpture series was conceived for the Emerging Code exhibition project (Hobart, Berlin 2006). It was exhibited together with the silver prints of the digitally worked images reproducing parts of Antonio Canova’s plaster models, preserved in the Possagno Gipsoteca. These sculptures are composed of forged and pierced iron surfaces, whose holes are “filled” with red-orange semi-transparent and sandblasted glass elements. These are interpreted as three-dimensional transpositions of the points de repère (reference points) constellating Canova’s plasters – points which “codify” classical beauty - used to translate proportions and dimensions of the original plaster models into marble. The sculptural works, in synergy with the images drawn from Canova’s models, participate in an abstract process of transposition of neo-Classical beauty, where the codes, though reduced to an aniconic and tapered solution of minimal formal and expressive terms, seem to preserve the trace of a deep sensuality.


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