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Silent Movies   16 october - 19 october 2015 | digital art | curated by V. Balogh & C. Christie, Q-Park, London

Following the popularity of the previous exhibitions, artist Geoff Leong once again transforms the unique west end parking facility, Q-Park Oxford Street.  Geoff Leong has joined forces with dynamic artist curator duo Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie. The free ‘Silent Movies’ art exhibition will be showcasing various abstract sculptures and art as part of the Frieze week festival. 

Whilst unusual in terms of location, this annual event likes to question and poke, challenge and inspires, entice and entertain all art lovers and visitors. The exhibition will feature over 100 artists, selection of purely monochromatic works in the medium of sculpture, photography, painting, drawing and site specific installation. The circular 20,000 sq ft submerged Level -3 parking deck will be open to the public for three days and two nights non-stop for the weekend between 16th to 19th October. 



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