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Big Deal No7   01 december - 11 december 2016 | digital art | a cura di V. Balogh, Q-Park, London

Geoff Leong Foundation is happy and proud to announce this spectacular group exhibition set to open in a multi-storey underground car park situated in the heart of Soho, West End over the period of 10 days. An amalgamation of imaginary ideas and processes related and created as a response to the genre of Science Fiction, this exhibition will feature works in the media of sculpture, photography, painting, film, video and audio installations by some 100 international artists and guest students from RCA.

The possible and impossible worlds in Space and our own planet Earth open up vast scope for redefining of our collective fears and visions of the future. As a mirror for societies and equally an inspiration for participating artists, the ubiquitous themes of sci-fi genre remain ever relevant and far fetching. Androids, Artificial Intelligence and Robots raise the issue of difference between man and machine. Whether it is dealing with Aliens or Unknown Other, Environmental pollution and demise of our planet, Totalitarian Systems and its omnipresent surveillance or Mass Consumerism controlled by Tech industries which trade Space, we are left with the monotonous desire to
remain connected, wired. Are we not alone? Our vision has narrowed down to a technocratic , highly efficient and fully automated society whilst artistic communities retreat underground to protect and salvage what is left remaining of a civilised world.



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