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Dinamiche   04 july - 15 august 2000 | sculpture/video | curated by A. Pagnes, Galleria Rossella Junck, Venezia

Andrea Morucchio began with his own exhibition Dinamiche at Rossella Junck Gallery in which he presented glass and iron sculptures from the series Blade and Enlightenments and some glass Vases from the Vessel series. For this exhibition the video Dynamo was produced, made by the montage of more than one hundred photographs treating the moments of production of works. 

The series of immobile glass Blades represent the starting point from which my sculptural research regarding spiritual dynamism develops. Blade, as a clarifying element of my tumultuous creative impulse, represents the thought that introduces light, and then splits in two leading to synthesis. 



Dynamo video


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Dinamiche by Andrea Pagnes
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