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Le Nostre Idee Vinceranno   30 november - 06 january 2002 | video-sound installation | conceived for "Gemine Muse" curated by V. Baradel, Museo Mocenigo, Venezia,

Le Nostre Idee Vinceranno / Our Ideas Will Triumph is a video-sound installation incorporating digital enhanced video projections developed from photos of the painting Battaglia Navale by anonimus, Luigi Nono musical score Il Canto Sospesoand postcards placed in all the Museum spaces. Video has been projected on the wall at the upper corners of the painting in the Museum Red Room. A cyan light has been projected on the painting. 

Following the directions of the Gemine Muse exhibition project, I identified the work I was to be challanged by in the Mocenigo Museum: the painting is referred to as Naval Battle; it celebrates the heroic act of the ship Captain Zaccaria Mocenigo who, during a naval battle, did not hesitate to blow up his ship and sacrifice his own life as well as that of some of his crew rather than surrender to the enemy. The drama of the ultimate sacrifice, that of the martyr, of sacrificing oneself for an ideal, is what led me to take on this painting through an approach aimed at exasperating its celebratory rhetoric, on the very account of its sadly extreme topicality. 



Le Nostre Idee Vinceranno



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Le Nostre Idee Vinceranno by Efthalia Rentetzi
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