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Tracciati Esistenziali   29 may - 29 may 2008 | video installation | conceived for "C_art. Artisti in campo" Campo Santa Margherita, Venezia

The public art intervention Tracciati Esistentiali / Existential Traces consists of a double video projection on the walls of two buildings overlooking Campo Santa Margherita. 

Tracciati Esistenziali is based on the blurred shots of a continuous cyclical movement - the constant rotation of small dark shadows moving over a light background and crowding around an empty space. At intervalling, brief fractions of time, the images become clear and extremely quick – almost subliminal - referring to what lies behind these systems. They are ants relentlessly moving amongst themselves, forming a circle. 





Critical texts:

“Irresistible” nonsense pathways by Laura Poletto
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