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Sri Yantra   29 august - 06 september 2008 | video-sound installation | conceived for "Notturni Dannunziani" curated by M. Riccioni , Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone, Brescia

The video sound installation Sri Yantra at the Vittoriale degli Italiani Gardens conceived for Notturni Dannunziani is made of a video retroprojected in loop on one semitransparent screen and the diffusion of a musical score. 

The video consists in a single take of my torso, toned in red, upon which the Sri Yantra symbol is tattooed; the movement of the abdominal area, defined by deep inspirations and expirations, follows the rhythm of the soundtrack TibetanGranularSintesisRitual by Alessandro Ragazzo specifically produced for this piece. The video functions as a reflection on the disarticulation of the polyphony of Tibetan mantras. 






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