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Laudes Regiae   08 june - 29 july 2007 Convento Santi Cosma e Damiano, Giudecca, Venezia

Laudes Regiae is a work that proposes transversal connections between historic heredity, spiritual journey and socio-political contemporaneity. Developed for the space of the ex Convent of Saints Cosma and Damian, XI century, it consists of 17 frosted blown glass helmets, inspired by a sallet from the XIV century, of images projected using various techniques of the Wolf of Passau, the effigy emblazoned on the swords produced in the Middle Ages and of the audio track of the so-called Laudes Regiae, the Chorus for the Crowning Mass, XI centuryLaudes Regiae is the result of the combination of the bare, minimal context of the Hall of the Fireplace and the installative elements. The ambience is illuminated solely by natural light pouring in through the fourteen windows. The light is filtered and diffused by the veils of white cloth, which render the whole exhibition space homogenous, enveloping and hieratic. 

Andrea Morucchio’s stimulus and proposal for reflection, thus use a “high”, clean aesthetic, which is intensely evocative, in order to arrive at equally profound rational themes. The title of the installation project, Laudes Regiae, refers to the definition given to a particular genre of liturgical invocation which accompanied the crowning of sovereigns of antiquity and early Christian society. Starting from Christ Victor and King, they served to acclaim in Him his emperors, sovereigns, bishops and popes. In practice, through the repeated mantra, the prayer took on the function of affirming in the popular unconscious, the divine derivation of human power. In his book Laudes Regiae, a study of liturgical acclamations and of the Cult of the Sovereign in the Middle Ages, Ernst Kantorowicz defines them as an acclamation, which sound as the direct affirmation of the power and the glory in which the figure of Christ is that of the militant conqueror. 







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