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Disco Moon   20 july - 20 july 2009 conceived for "Effimero. Sistemi di contemporaneo" curated by A. Zanchetta, Piazza San Lorenzo, Vicenza

The context of the EPIDE®MIE review gave rise to the Effimero project - an event dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Eighteen artists have been invited to elaborate on Bruno Munari’s Aconà Biconbì modular structure with the purpose of [re]transforming it into a “unique” and “ephemeral” object.

Andrea Morucchio’s Disco Moon stems from this revisitation of the famous micro-sculpture: nineteen circular elements – made of cardboard, wood, and photographic prints – reproduce just as many moons. The artist has set these archetypal and primordial forms into silver discs and scattered  them on the ground, granting them a radial movement, like orbitting spheres imitating the motion of heavenly bodies.



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Disco Moon by Claudia Amato, Alberto Zanchetta
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