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Emerging Code #2   02 june - 22 july 2006 | sculpture/digital art | Galerie Rossella Junck, Berlin

Emerging Code, Andrea Morucchio interpreted Antonio Canova at Despard Gallery, Hobart, Australia and Galerie Rossella Junck, Berlin, Germany. These major solo exhibition projects incorporated the Offshotssculpture series, made of forged and pierced iron sheets with the openings filled with semi-transparent red satin glass elements and the silver prints from the Emerging series reproducing Antonio Canova’s neo classical plaster figurative sculptures. 

I consider the glass elements as a three-dimensional transfiguration of the small bronze points on Canova’s sculptures; the points, which “codify” Classical beauty, were used by Canova to reproduce in marble the proportions and sizes of the original plaster model. 




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Sampling Canova by Marco Baravalle
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