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Play God   29 april - 08 june 2014 | video-sound installation - carpet - fragrance | a cura di Vittorio Urbani, Elisa Genna, Oratorio San Ludovico, Nuova Icona, Venezia

Music by Francesco Gibaldi - Video production: Emanuele Basso - In collaboration with: Greenspin - eve ar:v (Eventi Arte Venezia) - Teknolay - Mavive parfums Venezia - Atelier Fragranze Milano.

A site specific installation, made up of two projections, a sound piece, a carpet and a fragrance. In the dark intriguing atmosphere of the Oratorio, the spectator will see the same projection, one projected within the altarpiece and the other on the opposite wall. The video portrays the naked body of the artist, seen from behind, from the nape to the pelvis, while he moves his arms back and forth: an action continuously repeated, a meditation exercise, a source of energy.



PLAY GOD Oratorio San Ludovico, Venezia

making of PLAY GOD | soundtrack recording

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Play God by Vittorio Urbani, Elisa Genna
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