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Contra-Bbando   13 november - 15 november 2015 | sculpture | curated by D. Le˛n, Milano Scultura / Step Art Fair curated by V. Deh˛ Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

The Contra-bbando project brings together a broad spectrum of artists from a range of backgrounds and disciplines who share an approach to art they call "contra-bando". The expression implies going against the flow of widely accepted standards or opposing classifications that limit how one perceives an artistic proposal. What unites them is a “contra-band” among disciplines, traversing spaces of illegality that have become acceptable due to their focal points, inter-relationships, and intersections between sculpture, painting, installation and sound.

Sculptural Works by Ciro Beltran - Tea Mäkipää - Andrea Morucchio - Nino Mustica - Parasite2.0 - Pierluigi Slis. Curated by Dermis Leòn. Associate curator Fortunato D’Amico. Coordination by Ana Pedroso / Cubeart Cuba - Alma Ramos Sorzano.




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Contra-bbando by Dermis Leˇn
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