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Talk Show   25 october - 19 november 2006 | video projection | conceived for "Dis-orders" curated by M. Baravalle, Fond. Bevilacqua La Masa, Palazzo Tito, Venezia

The video Talk Show consists of the editing together of footage of a discussion amongst a group of activists and artists which took place within the Municipal Greenhouse of the Giardini of Castello, which had just several hours before been occupied and assigned as the operating and exhibiting base of the “artistic resistance workshop” Mars Pavilion. The Mars Pavilion was conceived of as an occupation of an abandoned nineteenth century greenhouse - next to the Giardini of the Biennale, coinciding with the opening of the 2005 edition of the International Biennale of Art. 

The argument, which generated the Talk Show video, was born from the activists’ opposition to the work The Sweetest Dream, by the artist Nemanja Cvijanovic; the work which hung within the greenhouse was a blue European Union flag on which the yellow stars were laid out to form a swastika. Thus, Talk Show is footage of the argument  in which artists and activists confronted each other on the political weight of an exhibited work. The negative reaction on the part of the activists was due to an understanding of the work of art tied to its appearance. 






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