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Verso il Paese dei Fumi e delle Urla   25 january - 27 january 2008 | video-sound installation, urban intervents | conceived for the Remembrance Day, Venezia

The public art project Verso il Paese dei Fumi e delle Urla / Toward the Land of Smoke and Screams is made up of three elements: a public video-sound installation in Campo San Bartolomeo, Venice, the posting of 200 posters throughout the municipal area and the distribution of 5000 postcards with a text by Gadi Luzzato Voghera. 

The video is composed of a double slide show made by the alternation of a dozen or so photographic images of symbols sewn onto the clothing of nazi concentration camps interns. The sound, emitted by downward-facing speakers, consists of musical scores from Die Ermittlung / Preliminary Investigation, composed by Luigi Nono as the stage music for Peter Weiss’ theatre piece of the same name. Posters consist in a patchwork of combined images of the symbols used in the projections, the same symbols are combined in pairs on the front of postcards upon which a text by Gadi Luzzato appears on the back. 





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Verso il Paese dei Fumi e delle Urla by Gadi Luzzatto Voghera
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