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Percer-Voir #1   25 may - 09 june 2002 conceived for "Opera Buona" curated by Marinella Paderni, Chiostri di San Pietro, Reggio Emilia

The environmental installation Percer-Voir #1, composed of 14 glass elements, was conceived in Australia for the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden lake, Hobart (2003) and for the Hotel Islington terrace, Hobart (2006). The glass elements were installed either using iron bars attached to their bases and inserted into the ground. The impact of the light renders the spires dynamic. Through the changing effects of reflection and refraction, these open up brand new perceptions/visions of the space. 

The installation is made by glass points “springing out of” earth. The visual effect is that points likely flow out of the ground or of the water. The natural light permeates the mate glass points giving them dynamism, shape and “essence”. The movement of our visual field respect the installation space reveals rhythmically the presence of the points that virtually project around their diagonal or vertical tangents. The linear projections of the crystal points are propagated in the space connecting earth/sky and creating a visionary scenery of one environment crossed by light flows. 



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