Engagement Acts

Engagement Acts
Engagement Acts consists of a sequence of 21 images taken from one of the videos of the installation project of the same name.

Each still has been digitally processed and printed on 10x10 cm aluminium tiles.

The work was exhibited on the occasion of the 15th Giornata del Contemporaneo, AMACI, October 10 - 12, 2019 for the exhibition project "Scent of Time" curated by Caterina Corni at Edge Gallery, Dhaka.

A project by Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation.

In collaboration with Lightbox Venice - Embassy of Italy, Dhaka.

The work is part of the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation collection.
Engagement Acts costituito da una sequenza di 21 immagini tratte da uno dei video dell'omonimo progetto installativo. Ogni singolo still è stato elaborato digitalmente e stampato su tasselli di alluminio.

L'opera è stata esposta in occasione della 15° Giornata del Contemporaneo, AMACI, October 10 - 12, 2019 per il progetto espositivo "Scent of Time" curato da Caterina Corni presso la Edge Gallery, Dhaka.