Fant Portrait | nft still

FANTASTIC PORTRAIT | nft stills | minted on >>> Opensea | blockchain certified by Verisart.
Unique piece edition | the total number of Fantastic Portrait images minted is 33 nfts.
Physical versions of FP works are also available, also in unique edition >>> Fantastic Portrait on paper
These imaginary portraits have been created through 63 photographic tiles reproducing parts of butterfly wings. 

The same tiles used for the creation of the works of the series Puzzling Pop nft and Puzzling Pop prints. 

In this case, using a reduced number of tiles, the effect is that of a transfiguration of the portrayed subject; the anthropomorphic traits are deconstructed and distorted, giving shape to characters vibrant with a positive expressive force and at the same time disturbing as projections of the unconscious, heirs both formal and conceptual of the creative process given by the "psychic automatism" of the Surrealist school.