Puzzling Pop _ NFT _ video



Puzzling Pop _ NFT _ video
This is a collection of NFT videos minted on OpenSea made of sequences of single images that belong to the collection Puzzling Pop nft stills 

Using the same collection of around 4.000 photographic tiles of butterfly wing details that I combined to create the physical printed works in the Puzzling Pop series, I made short video animations in which some of the Warhol subjects I chose for the Puzzling Pop works are dynamically reworked from different matrices with widely varying color combinations; this determines a very different selection of wing details between each individual image that makes up the animation.

Each video is made with a varying number of different images, from a minimum of 13 to a maximum of 33. To create every single image/still I use, depending on the type of video, from 625 to 1600 photographic tiles of butterfly wing details. 

I used as matrices to rework the same original photos that Andy Warhol used for the creation of his works Flowers, Muhammad Ali, Mao and Marilyn. 

The musical part has been elaborated by the musician Leo di Angilla who, through the use of electronic and percussion instruments, has given rhythm and melody to these sequences of images completing the work. 

Watch Leo Di Angilla's music making videos: >>>
Each video is a single edition, minted on OpenSea and certified by Verisart