Puz Warh | nft stills

PUZZLING POP | nft stills | minted on >>> OpenSea

Unique piece edition | the total number of Puzzling Pop stills minted is 40 nfts - ten different images for each of the four subjects | Blockchain certified by Verisart
This is a collection of NFT images consisting of the single stills used for the creation of the >>> Puzzling Pop nft videos.

From the total of the single images/stills that make up a video animation I choose ten images that are minted to become as many single nft works maintaining the same title of the video from which they are taken and varying the indication from video to still.

The images/stills were elaborated by assembling the same collection of around 4.000 photographic tiles of butterfly wing details, that I used to create the physical >> Puzzling Pop works. To create every single image/still I used from 625 to 1600 photographic tiles of butterfly wing details.

I used as a matrix from which to elaborate the individual Puzzling Pop images the same original photos that Andy Warhol used for the creation of his works Flowers, Muhammad Ali, Mao and Marilyn.