Puzzling Warhol



PUZZLING WARHOL | Puzzling Pop Project 
The development of the Puzzling project in reinterpreting subjects of ancient pictorial art (Puzzling Classics) stimulated Morucchio to expand the range of his work by confronting the art movement that since the late 1950s first investigated the massified and homogenizing communication system of the emerging consumer society. 

So from 2019 the Puzzling project is enriched with a new series of works called Puzzling Pop; instead of the photographic tesserae reproducing details of the floor of St. Mark’s Basilica, the artist has collected thousands of photos of butterfly wings, which he uses, again through the digital mosaic technique, to reinterpret a selection of iconic works by Pop Art master Andy Warhol, creating a series of limited edition printed works and NFTs works in the form of video animations (Puzzling Warhol nft). Later, the same pieces of butterfly wings in vivid, saturated colors create the works in the Fantastic Portrait and Making Faces nft series.

The vivid colors of Andy Warhol’s show icons are reinterpreted through the collage technique using the photographic details of butterfly wings from around the world whose colors are equally saturated and vivid.