Puzzling San Marco



PUZZLING SAN MARCO | Puzzling Classics Project
This series of works are born for an editorial project that asks contemporary artists to choose and confront themselves with a literary work. Andrea Morucchio has been called to confront John Ruskin's current text The Stones of Venice.

Some elements of the Basilica of San Marco described by John Ruskin in The Stones of Venice are reinterpreted visually through the recomposition of thousands of pieces extrapolated from the mosaic flooring of the Basilica itself.

In 1850 Ruskin wrote to his father: "I would like to draw everything S. Marco - stone after stone - to recreate it in the mind - shade after shade", this inexhaustible love of his pushes him to study this city with enthusiasm in order to collect "the warning that comes from each of the waves that beat relentlessly, similar to the tolling of the death bell, against the STONES OF VENICE. "

For the publishing house My Monkey editions - author of this project of mixing visual art / literature - Morucchio is the perfect artist to interpret this spirit because his work is constantly, deeply, but above all prophetically committed to describing this slow process of destruction of Venice under the blows of the commodifying presence of mass tourism.