“Enjoy the Silence”, critic text by Cesare Colombo, 2012, eng

The models of visual language inspiring these photographs by Andrea Morucchio are immediately clear to the observer.
The urban exploration that photo-authors are currently conducting throughout the world is both an artistic and existential investigation. The structural nature (we used to say “composition”) is clean. In certain cases it manifests itself in geometric backgrounds, in others it is closed within well-defined curved areas.

The rusty, ferrous materials, the whitewashed and painted walls, the graffiti, the strips of plastic and cloth…bring us back (if the eye is not distracted) to the visions of non-figurative art. But let’s not fool ourselves.
Despite every appearance, photography is never abstract. In these scenes we recognize the places, the times of day and night, the functions of living. The teenagers ready to play basketball, the women hanging laundry out to dry, the couples embracing on the couch:… all of them are hidden for now, but we can effortlessly imagine them.

Man is absent here, but we can easily imagine him. Everything is manufactured. In Cuba, as in Venice or in Sicily… Andrea cannot escape this. Lures, lights and objects pursue him, timeworn and telling of time. The apparent brightness of colours, the charm of chiaroscuro, cannot fool us.
Despite all of this, these photographs are not decorative.
They are the result of a precise recovery of form, within which pieces of our lives are enclosed. Events that cannot easily be told, private and social enigmas.

They are photographs that can be read quickly – with dynamic glances. But one can also attempt to decipher them slowly and with respect. In them we can find an echo of our own emotions, of faraway experiences, of sweet memories or obscure tensions. In the end, there’s a little bit of us in every one of them.