“Our Ideas will Triumph”, critic text by Efthalia Rentetzi, 2002, eng

In his work, Le Nostre Idee Vinceranno / Our Ideas Will Triumph Andrea Morucchio measures himself against the painting in the red room of the museum in Palazzo Mocenigo entitled La Battaglia Navale by anonymous artist. In the latter pinting the narrative element prevails and we see the admiral of the fleet, Zaccaria Mocenigo, choosing to blow up his flagship so that it does not fall into the hands of the enemy.

The composition, in which the expressive element is pretty contained and spatial and atmospheric relations are lacking, reveals though a series of concepts dealing with the theme of human sacrifice during war today lends itself more than ever to a multiplicity of interpretations. Morucchio renounces an autonomous intervention from a dialetic point of view with the 18th-century work and chooses to carry out a dramatization of the work and its message in a contemporary key, aiming to emotionally involve the spectator.

He breaks up the thematic unity of the painting in a sequence of single photos of details of men caught in the explosin, enlarged and projected rhytmically at the sides of the painting in time with Luigi Nono’s Il Canto Sospeso. The figures are isolated, extrapolated from their narrative context and suspended on a strongly symbolic red background. The spheres of both communications and creativity thus suffer profound changes due to technological development. The expressive language tends towards a dramatic rendering and the creation of a highly evocative atmosphre.