“Substrates, Interactions, Origins”, critic text by Domitilla Musella, 2012, eng

SiO2 or silica is fundamental for the chemical interactions used for the creation of colored pigments, commonly employed in contemporary painting. Its interaction with sand and metals is essential to create glass, ceramic, alloy. A key factor for mutation and transformation, through which the four elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water – mutually combine and change, deeply bound, but still maintaining distinct powers and characteristics. The essence of the exhibition lies within these processes, expressed through the pictorial stratifications by Antonio Pizzolante and Jacqueline Dengler, and the slurries of sand, silica and fire turned into glass by Andrea Morucchio.

Three artists who, even moulding matter through different approaches and purposes, equally reflect the characteristics, peculiarities and unbridled power of natural elements. The works by Antonio Pizzolante, recall Mother Earth's prosperity, wellness and peace; like her, they are studded with traces and stratifications, through which the artist reports matter, listening and recalling its stories. Boards made up with various elements: wood, stone, papers, iron, copper and pigments, all assembled into mobile sequences, a synthesized symbolism in search of things, emotions and the primordial energies which create everything. Places, spaces, doors, geographies of memories and lives. Works which recall the power and strength of fire, favoring essential and primary archetypal solutions, therefore leading to Andrea Morucchio's sculptures: moulded by Fire, but suggesting the expansiveness and creativity of Air. Ritual and evocative objects characterized by a distant and severe holiness. Mixtures of silica whose rigorous and extreme forms result from the unpredictable moulding of matter into the klin. Glass compositions which fierce through the iron cages which hold them.

They cut the void, carve the space, playing with the antinomies concealed within their nature: fragility and resistance, transparency and opacity, mobility and stillness. Symbols and allegories revealing the sensorial interest for shape and the endless potentials of matter. The works by Jacqueline Dengler, represent the emotions and sensitivity of Water. The artist played with the three-dimensionality of matter for years: she assembled, pugged, fired and decorated it into elegant ceramics. A deep knowledge of earth, elements and pigments which she now applies upon canvas. Her paintings lead into the twists and turns of subconscious, stratifications of memories and feelings, made concrete by the laying of matter upon the surface. Oblivions from which the only figures allowed by the artist emerge: distant bodies and chairs, human and lifeless subjects, dominated by the unavoidable mutation which rule everything.