Engagement Acts


Andrea Morucchio Installation
Combo, Venezia, July 20 - August 11, 2019 
>>> Edge Gallery, Dhaka, AMACI, >>> Giornata del Contemporaneo, October 10 - 12, 2019
The installation is part of the exhibition project The Scent of Time by Majhi International Art Residency 
Curated by Caterina Corni & Laura Ammann
A project by >>> Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation
In collaboration with>>> Lightbox Venice, Ambasciata d'Italia
Engagement Acts is a video installation presented for the group show >>> The Scent of Time. It consists of a series of videos documenting the artist's actions created in a desolate, barren seascape; a specific alienating atmosphere from control shots, to significant contrasts and to a limited colour spectrum. 

These are actions in which Morucchio interacts with the elements of this environment: tree trunks, rocks and sand; cathartic actions, liberating vent but also manifestations of an instinctual and primitive expression of creativity/rituality that over the years has characterised some of his installation projects: Eidetic Bush, Play God, Sri Yantra, Rivoluzioni. 

In addition to the projection, a photographic print taken from a still of the video was exhibited at the Venice event, while in Dhaka a sequence of images taken from the performance action digitally processed and printed on small aluminium squares were fixed to a wall adjacent to the projection.
The romantic idea of Nature disappears completely, the anthropocentric vision of man that modifies the environment at will seems to implode in itself, leaving space to the environment itself and to the ecological intelligence of the contemporary artist who intervenes in an apparently meaningless way; the deep understanding of the environment itself and the relationship that can be established or not with it can only take place through endless attempts and continuous failures, both psychic, physical and conceptual.(Andrea Pagnes)
The Scent of Time exhibiting artists: Dilara Begum Jolly, Dhali Al-Mamoon, Rajaul Islam (Lovelu), Noor Ahmed Gelal, Uttam Kumar Karmaker and Kamruzzaman Shadhin, Umut Yasat, Chiara Tubia, Cosima Montavoci, Andrea Morucchio, David Dalla Venezia.