Fabula Incroci | Torre di Mosto


Fabula. Incroci

February 11 - May 14, 2017 | digital art | MUPA Museo del Paesaggio, Torre di Mosto

Curated by Giorgio Baldo & Stefano Cecchetto
The exhibition was born from the idea of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the activity of the Museo del Paesaggio / Landscape Museum by opening a new horizon to its future research; open your eyes to another "landscape", the landscape of the fantastic, the one that enlivens all the great books of man like a karst river.

Morucchio presented a second version of Suspense Pulp series - a bidimensional installation made of six prints on mirror perspex, 30x30 cm each - a work which is stimulated by the comics and by the science fiction film production of the 1950s which reflects the terrors of time by constructing the figure of the alien monster, invader from sidereal spaces. The reference to the pulp is intended as a connection to the poverty of the paper of the first comics, to its graininess, to its being "dirty".

Alongside the real and the infinite surprises of its representations, it was proposed to find and propose, in a three-year cycle in the rooms of the Landscape Museum, the great narratives that chasing mythologies, fables, fantastic adventures have over the centuries built another world alongside the true one; certainly unreal in its physics and in its consistency of matter, but alive with extraordinary images, the exclusive result of the inventions of man's imagination.

Alongside the reinterpretations of some of the "classic" stories and fables, we have included more recent and contemporary stories; we have involved the artists who have exhibited their works at the Museum in recent years and, as a new entrance to cross paintings and installations, the works of some of the most important Italian and international artists who work in the field of illustration and comics.
Exhibiting artists: Lucio Schiavon, Gianni Verna, Lorenzo Mattotti, Gianluigi Toccafondo, Emanuele Luzzati, Roland Topor, Roberto Perini, Jean Michel Folon, Franco Matticchio, Leonardo Cemak, Altan, Brad Holland, Sempé, Alessandro Sanna, Hugo Pratt, Guido Crepax, Luca Caimmi, Karel Thole, Milton Glaser, Andrea Morucchio, Giovanni Soccol, Enrico Manera.