Re-Flooring part II


Andrea Morucchio Installation
Tesa 2, _docks_cantieri cucchini, Venezia
curated by Laura Riolfatto, 2024 Enologismi 
May 24 - July 30 2024 
The work consists of nine printed panels - eight 1,25x1,25 mt, one 2,25x2,25 mt - hanging on the walls. The different images printed on the single panels reproduce the initial stills of the corresponding video animation. The nine different animations correspond to as many NFTs entitled Re-Flooring nft video. The project was originally developed in 2022 as site-specific at the Isola delle Rose Church in collaboration with JW Marriott Venice.
The work is experienced through the use of a free downloadable augmented reality app; the visitors by framing the panels with a smartphone “transform” them into monitors that transmit videos with relative sounds.

The mosaic pavement of St. Mark’s Basilica - 2099 square meters consisting of marble tesserae forming geometric figures or animals - is disappearing due to the impossibility of blocking the continuous flooding caused by the increasingly frequent high tide. The most significant installation element of the project The Rape of Venice (Andrea Morucchio, Museo Mocenigo, MUVE Contemporaneo, Venice Biennale 2015) - consisted of the ground installation of a surface that reproduced discombobulated thousands of photographic tiles of the floor of San Marco.

Morucchio corrected, cleaned, and digitally rearranged more than 9,000 tessellations that he is also using to process the digital artwork series of the Puzzling project. The photographic documentation of the mosaic pavement that I have used - realized in the years preceding the current situation in which it is estimated that at least 60% of the tesserae must be replaced - represents an exceptional historical-artistic testimony in that it preserves the visual memory of an extraordinary treasure that is already strongly compromised.
On the basis of these considerations, and in accordance with the intentions that animated The Rape of Venice project, I have created a series of single-edition NFTs video animations entitled Re-Flooring _ NFT _ video. Puzzling San Marco Floor Mosaic. Each video consists of max 24 images that reassembled reproduce a part of the pavement; starting from a situation of fragmentation of the tiles, a lapping sound recorded in the lagoon gives rhythm to the gradual recomposition until the original figure is reproduced.