ROMA | Roma


March 24 - May 2022 | Noema Gallery - Roma
curated by Cristina de Zuccato & Aldo Sardoni
On the occasion of the inaugural exhibition of Noema Gallery in Rome, Andrea Morucchio participates - along with 16 other photographers - with a couple of works from the series La Habana 2009.
From the urban visions and Asian suggestions reflected in the work of Alessandro Rizzi to the investigations on the forms of the human body carried out by the parisian Frédéric Fontenoy, from the studies on color by Gianni Pezzani to the faces portrayed with grace and intensity by Marco Girolami. Passing through the urban poses of a master of perspective such as Massimo Siragusa, the search for the genius loci of Roberto Cotroneo and the experiments on movement of Roberto Polillo. 

And again the short-circuits of meaning triggered by the stratification of images and tones developed by Marco Lanza, the dramatic black and white of Sanda Vitorovic (German transplanted to Serbia), the poetic solitudes framed by Vladimir Seleznev, the garish walls of Andrea Jako Giacomini, the exasperated geometries of Andrea Morucchio, the reflections of Sardinia by Francesco Cubeddu, the hypnotic still lifes of Matteo Guariso, the modern divinities of Mikail Porollo, and finally the game of contrasts of Edouard de Francisci and the sacredness of the body matter that Aldo Sardoni manages to free from the visual power of darkness.
The first of a collection of volumes I Quaderni di Noema Gallery has been published. A limited edition of one Hundred copies are printed for each exhibition building over time a collection of monographs dedicated to selected gallery artists.