MAKING FACES presentation of the installation project


The Making Faces installation project consists of a series of thirty-three video animations, already minted as NFT >> Making Faces, processed with the digital collage technique using as in my previous works >> Puzzling Pop photographic details of butterfly wings.

The subjects portrayed and processed through the tiles are of anonymous people - except for one that is a self-portrait - and practically include all human morphologies; to each I have given a biblical name.

Each animation has audio taken from recordings of thousands of butterflies in flight in an enclosed space.

The setup involves a series of square monitors affixed to four walls of a darkened space in which the visitor in the din of butterfly wings finds himself surrounded by all the characters grimacing as they stare at him. 

A looped video for each subject in each monitor.

To better visualize the project, I have prepared this video in which only one wall can be seen. >>
Each subject is elaborated in the form of a short video animation in which the faces portrayed appear hilarious, elated, furious, disoriented, and stunned expressing through facial expressions the existential drama and anguish of contemporary man amongst wars, economic and environmental crises, and social control. 

However, these precisely "making faces" express also astonishment, irony and mockery at absurd and propagandistic mainstream media narratives lacking in critique and subservient to government will and control and those who currently control Governments such as have never occurred in the Western world since the end of World War II and which only a few years ago could have been part of the plot of a novel of a future dystopian society.
A review of the faces of individuals whose exaggerated expressiveness shows a response to the unified-network propaganda narrative of the new globalist neo-liberal system by demonstrating through their grimaces that they have not been trapped or rendered incapable of critically analyzing today's events.

They express with sequences of theatrical expressions a reaction to issues such as transhumanism, the bio-securitarian paradigm, surveillance capitalism, the permanent state of exception, and lately the pervasive and mounting Russophobic propaganda functional to a suicidal escalation of war, etc.; all issues that in the very last few years have been accelerating in the ways in which Political Power - itself a succubus of financial powers - is implementing and imposing them in an increasingly authoritarian and brazen manner.
A Power that through systematic control of the media is imposing itself as the sole holder of a "politically correct" "truth" that the individual must believe as a religious commandment, as a dogma that, if rejected, condemns the individual to social marginalization.

Well now, these thirty-three individuals represent, by their facial mimicry reaction, that minority percentage of the population that is not the victim of an extremely pervasive informational and cultural conditioning; a conditioning more incisive and effective than that of an autocratic system in which the values of freedom, democracy, peace, security and equality promoted by the current dominant system express in truth, as in Orwellian neo-speak, exactly their opposite.
Making Faces is nothing more than a pressing sequence of grimaces of individuals unplagiarized by the system whose faces, transmuted by colors and patterns of butterfly wings, react to a mystification of reality and truth advocated in a spectacle society in which Debord's prediction has been fully realized in the most dystopian way. "The spectacle, which erases the limits of the self by the annihilation of the self, equally erases the limits of the true and the false by the removal of all lived truth."
Each video and three still images-used to create the animation-were "mined" into as many NFT works.