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Flooring the Rape of Venice

Artnight 2018
Flooring The Rape of Venice - Puzzling Project is a video work that reworks two of the four elements of the installation The Rape of Venice: the images reproducing the deconstruction of the mosaic floor of St. Mark's Basilica and the underwater sounds caused by the propellers and engines of the boats sailing in the Venice lagoon.

The visual part is a sequence of images that begins with the random recompositions of the mosaics used in the T.R.o.V. installation which then evolved into the Assembly series in which the recomposition takes place through chromatic or design affinities up to the images of Puzzling Project in which the pieces are arranged to recreate the geometry of the floor of the Basilica itself or to revisit some Renaissance works.

As the volume of the strange and sometimes obsessive sounds of the underwater sound track increases, thousands of pieces that compose geometric, phytomorphic and zoomorphic patterns are erased and transformed into mega pixels by a disturbing "iconoclastic" sound flow.

A fascinating and hypnotic vision but at the same time clear metaphor of one of the major causes of destruction and rape of Venice: the water traffic totally out of control and devastating for waves and pollution that Venice suffers in the name of the unsustainable exploitation of the city by the mass tourism.