Contra-Bbando | Milano



November 13 - 15, 2015 | sculpture | Milano Scultura, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

Curated by Dermis Leòn

Coordination by Ana Pedroso

Event: Step Art Fair directed by Valerio Dehò
The Contra-bbando project brings together a broad spectrum of artists from a range of backgrounds and disciplines who share an approach to art they call "contra-bando". 

The expression implies going against the flow of widely accepted standards or opposing classifications that limit how one perceives an artistic proposal. 

What unites them is a “contra-band” among disciplines, traversing spaces of illegality that have become acceptable due to their focal points, inter-relationships, and intersections between sculpture, painting, installation and sound.

For this exhibition project dedicated to sculpture Andrea Morucchio exhibits works from the Celata and Accumulo series together with the great sculpture CrossShoots

Artists: Ciro Beltran - Tea Mäkipää - Andrea Morucchio - Nino Mustica - Parasite2.0 - Pierluigi Slis.